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We want to be the primary resource for residents of Archer and Wichita Counties who are in temporary financial crisis by collaborating with faith communities, businesses, partner agencies and individuals.

Interfaith Outreach Services provides appropriate temporary assistance to individuals and families of Archer and Wichita Counties who are threatened with homelessness, loss of utilities, food insecurity or other temporary financial emergencies in an atmosphere of compassion and respect.

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Donations to the Diaper Chest are always welcome!

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"God's amazing grace at work in Wichita Falls.  Faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ will get you through the trails and tribulations of life.  Our God reigns!!!!!"

- Google reviews,
Mary Lampe

Helping Hands

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Together we can make a difference 


"We appreciate the community supporting Interfaith. It is because of YOU we are able to meet the needs of Wichita and Archer County. Our volunteers are amazing. We thank everyone for the kind words."

- Kris Gossom, Executive Director

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